School Survey Results

Carderock Springs ES

2023-2024 Parent Climate Survey — Parent Results

This school enrolls Kindergarten through Grade 5 students.

All parents at this school had an opportunity to submit a survey. - 12 Returned (4%)

Interpretation of this information should take into consideration the number (N) and percentage of survey respondents. Comparisons should also take into consideration the characteristics of school populations. Survey data best represent perceptions of the school environment when response rates are high.

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
Academic Environment
1. My child is given challenging material to learn.33.333.333.30.012
2. At my child's school, administrators create a school environment that helps children learn.41.750.00.08.312
3. My child’s teachers expect my child to do well in class.

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
Social Environment
4. I feel connected to other adults at my child’s school.16.758.325.00.012
5. At my child’s school, adults show me respect.
6. This school does a good job teaching my child how to work out problems with other students.27.363.69.10.011
7. Overall, at my child’s school, I think children respect the staff.33.358.38.30.012
8. At my child’s school, I think children enjoy going to school.33.366.70.00.012
9. I have adults from my child’s school that I can count on to help me, no matter what.

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
School Safety and Discipline
10. Overall, my child feels safe at school.33.358.38.30.012

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
Equity and Inclusion
11. The school provides information about involvement opportunities.27.363.69.10.011
12. I worry that adults at the school will treat my child differently if I raise a concern.8.38.358.325.012
13. I feel welcomed at this school.
14. Overall, I feel like I belong at my child’s school.
15. I matter to other adults at my child’s school.
16. The school values the diversity of children's backgrounds.33.366.70.00.012
17. I am confident that students at my child’s school can have open and honest conversations with each other about race.16.758.325.00.012
18. At my child’s school, it is common for students to have close friends from different racial, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds.33.358.38.30.012
19. At my child’s school, adults treat people from different races, ethnicities, or cultures fairly.
20. At my child’s school, I am comfortable sharing my thoughts about race-related topics with other adults.16.758.316.78.312

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
21. I feel sure about how to communicate with the school.16.766.78.38.312
22. The school does a good job of getting important information to parents.33.350.016.70.012
23. It is easy for me to talk to my child’s teachers about things concerning my child.41.758.30.00.012
24. My child’s teachers keep me informed about my child’s progress in school.16.775.08.30.012
25. My child’s teachers are accessible to me when needed.
26. I know how to find information about MCPS when I want it.
27. I am satisfied with the way(s) I currently receive information about MCPS.41.741.716.70.012
28. I, generally, feel well-informed about MCPS.33.341.725.00.012
Too few communicationsJust rightToo many communicationsN Responses
29. Please indicate your satisfaction with the frequency of MCPS communications8.358.333.312

A = OutstandingB = HighC = AcceptableD = MinimalF = UnacceptableN Responses
30. What overall grade would you give MCPS?25.033.325.016.70.012
31. What overall grade would you give your child’s school?41.750.

Blank responses are excluded from the summaries of results.
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