School Survey Results

Wood Acres ES

2023-2024 School-Based Staff Climate Survey — Staff Results

This school enrolls Kindergarten through Grade 5 students.

All staff of this school were surveyed. - 42 Returned (66%)

Interpretation of this information should take into consideration the number (N) and percentage of survey respondents. Comparisons should also take into consideration the characteristics of school populations. Survey data best represent perceptions of the school environment when response rates are high.

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
Academic Environment
1. I have a schedule that provides me time to plan my instruction for students.26.242.931.00.042
2. Teachers/Staff in this school believe every student can learn.61.938.10.00.042
3. Teachers in this school are well-prepared to teach their subjects.
4. The school administration encourages school staff to talk to one another about instructional matters.31.054.811.92.442
5. This school sets high standards for the academic performance of all students.64.331.04.80.042
Almost neverSometimesFrequentlyAlmost alwaysN Responses
6. At my school, we use structured conversations as a way to bring instructional challenges to the forefront to collaboratively problem solve.7.329.336.626.841
7. At my school, we work in teams to examine data, and conduct data inquiry cycles that lead to improving learning, teaching, and assessment.2.421.442.933.342

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
Social Environment
8. School staff members respect one another.32.560.05.02.540
9. I look forward to going to work each day.16.759.521.42.442
Not at allSomewhatQuiteExtremelyN Responses
10. Overall, how much do you feel like you belong at your school?0.033.338.128.642
11. How connected do you feel to other adults at your school?
12. How well do your colleagues at your school understand you as a person?4.934.146.314.641
13. How respectful are the relationships between staff and students?2.49.547.640.542
14. Overall, how positive is the working environment at your school?9.545.235.79.542
15. Overall, how positive is the working environment in MCPS?31.751.217.10.041
16. How positive is the tone that school leaders set for the culture of the school?16.742.926.214.342
17. How positive is the tone that district leaders set for the culture of MCPS?33.352.414.30.042

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
School Safety and Discipline
18. Students in this school behave in an orderly manner.14.373.84.87.142
Not at allSomewhatQuiteExtremelyN Responses
19. How supportive are staff in their interactions with each other?2.419.050.028.642
20. How safe do you feel in your school?2.49.834.153.741

Almost neverSometimesFrequentlyAlmost alwaysN Responses
Equity and Inclusion
21. How often are students given opportunities to learn about people from different races, ethnicities, or cultures?0.016.731.052.442
22. When there are major news events related to race/ethnicity, how often do adults at your school talk about them with students?12.552.530.05.040
24. At your school, how often are you encouraged to think more deeply about race-related topics?4.914.656.124.441
Not at allSomewhatQuiteExtremelyN Responses
23. How comfortable are you discussing race/ethnicity-related topics with your colleagues?2.416.738.142.942
25. At your school, how valuable are the antiracist- and equity-focused professional development opportunities?7.140.531.021.442
26. When a sensitive issue of diversity arises in class/at work, how easily can you think of strategies to address the situation?4.819.059.516.742

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
27. School improvement goals and how to achieve them are well understood in my school.41.548.87.32.441
29. I am satisfied with the way(s) I currently receive information about MCPS.23.842.926.27.142
Almost neverSometimesFrequentlyAlmost alwaysN Responses
28. How often do you receive feedback on your teaching/work?9.554.828.67.142
Too few communicationsJust rightToo many communicationsN Responses
30. Please indicate your satisfaction with the frequency of MCPS communications.26.851.222.041
31. I, generally, feel well-informed about MCPS.

A = OutstandingB = HighC = AcceptableD = MinimalF = UnacceptableN Responses
32. What grade would you give Montgomery County Public Schools?7.116.747.623.84.842
33. What grade would you give your school?24.448.822.04.90.041

Blank responses are excluded from the summaries of results.
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