School Survey Results

Piney Branch ES

2018-2019 Staff Climate Survey — Staff Results

This school enrolls Grade 3 through Grade 5 students.

All staff of this school were surveyed. - 39 Returned (57%)

Interpretation of this information should take into consideration the number (N) and percentage of survey respondents. Comparisons should also take into consideration the characteristics of school populations. Survey data best represent perceptions of the school environment when response rates are high.

Strongly agreeAgreeNeither agree or disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN Responses
Staff Climate Survey
1. I have opportunities for professional growth.28.243.615.410.32.639
2. Staff morale is positive in this school.12.828.220.525.612.839
3. I would recommend my school to friends and family as a good place to work.17.928.217.925.610.339
4. I have the necessary resources to do my job successfully.26.328.921.113.210.538
5. My school is safe for staff and students.23.133.320.520.52.639
6. My school leadership team fosters a collaborative work environment.23.120.520.528.27.739
7. My school leadership team sets clear expectations for staff.18.426.321.128.95.338
8. The school leadership involves me in decisions affecting my work.18.434.226.318.42.638
9. There is open communication within my school.23.120.520.533.32.639
10. There is open communication throughout all levels of MCPS.
11. I receive timely feedback on my performance.18.447.415.815.82.638
12. My school recognizes staff for their quality work and accomplishments.28.944.713.210.52.638
13. My school promotes a culture of respect for all students.30.833.37.725.62.639
14. My school promotes a culture of respect and collaboration among all staff.26.328.97.931.65.338
15. Staff in this school have high expectations and believe every student can learn.30.835.915.415.42.639
16. Staff in this school are committed to using a variety of methods to help every student succeed.28.243.612.815.40.039
17. My building is clean and well maintained.10.317.912.833.325.639

* The calculation of "% Total Agreement" may not equal the sum of the "Strongly Agree" and "Agree" options because neutral responses are excluded. Neutral responses are intentionally excluded from the total agreement calculation in order to ensure that large percentages of neutral responses do not lead to misinterpretation of total staff agreement on a survey item.

Don't know/does not apply responses or blank responses are excluded from the summaries of results.

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