School Survey Results

Roberto Clemente MS

2017-2018 Parent Engagement Survey — Parent Results

This school enrolls Grade 6 through Grade 8 students.

A random sample of parents of students in this school were surveyed. - 54 Returned (17%)

Interpretation of this information should take into consideration the number (N) and percentage of survey respondents. Comparisons should also take into consideration the characteristics of school populations. Survey data best represent perceptions of the school environment when response rates are high.

Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeN Responses
Parent Engagement Survey
1. I feel welcomed at my child's school.39.652.85.71.953
2. When I visit my child's school, I am promptly and courteously received.39.654.71.93.853
3. The school respects my family.43.452.83.80.053
4. I am comfortable talking to my child's teachers about my child's education.37.354.95.92.051
5. The school informs me about my child's education in a timely manner.27.853.714.83.754
6. My child's teachers expect my child to do well in school.
7. School staff members are responsive to my concerns about my child.
8. I am comfortable being an advocate for my child.
9. The school informs me of resources that are available so I can help my child with his/her homework, tests, and projects.31.451.015.72.051
10. I believe my child is safe at school.
11. The school has a clear process for addressing my needs.23.466.08.52.147
12. The school provides opportunities for me to voice my needs about my child's education.26.160.910.92.246
13. The school welcomes my input on how my child's educational experience can be improved.29.853.214.92.147
14. There is an adult at the school who will advocate for my child's needs.33.348.911.16.745
15. I am informed in a timely manner about events and activities occurring at my child's school.37.754.75.71.953
16. I believe I play an important role in my child's education.59.340.70.00.054
17. The school has a clear process for me to provide feedback about my child's education.38.147.611.92.442
18. The school provides information about resources in the school and community that are available to my child and family.32.753.110.24.149
19. The school considers me a partner in my child's education.30.657.112.20.049
20. The school informs me of educational opportunities that are available to my child.28.354.713.23.853
21. I would recommend this school to others.29.855.314.90.047

ABCDFailN Responses
Overall Perception
22. What grade would you give your child's school?22.231.542.63.70.054
23. What grade would you give the public schools in Montgomery County?16.746.335.21.90.054

Don't know/does not apply responses or blank responses are excluded from the summaries of results.

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